I deactivated my Facebook again

I sometimes feel like I’m being held hostage by Facebook, but I decided that, if I feel deactivating is good for my mental health, I should deactivate. A lot of people act like I’d be unreachable, but I have quite a few websites, including one with my name in the domain. Many people have my email, some have my phone number, many know what my websites are (if not this one, then the others). So when people say “I will miss you,” what I hear is: “I don’t even care about you enough to spend the time it takes to write a text message or email. I can’t be bothered communicating with you unless you use a site that you passionately hate.” And if I’m not worth the time it takes to write an email to me, then I figure, they aren’t worth my time, either.

It’s more of the same shit I’ve done my entire life: continued to do things I hated and be around people I don’t like just because otherwise, there would be no people in my life. I don’t care anymore. If there aren’t any people in my life, that’s fine. That’s better than being subjected to things that upset me all the time. And Facebook does upset me a lot more than it should, especially since having more mixed and manic episodes since last summer

I think it’s partly just laziness, though; people are used to not having to write emails anymore. I don’t care. I’m sick to death of Facebook. I’m not going to keep using it just because it’s convenient for other people.

I had a page for this blog on there, but Facebook only shows posts to 10% of followers anyway, and probably not that many unless they interact with the posts in some way (liking, sharing, commenting). I think I only ever had one post “like” on there, so I doubt anyone even sees the links I posts on that page, so it’s no big deal that the page doesn’t exist anymore since I deactivated my personal page.

Additionally, I think it’s nice to have to practice some sort of restraint with writing on the internet. If I post here, I feel compelled to write in full paragraphs and to more or less stay on topic. Facebook encourages people to either share things from other people, or to post one-sentence statuses fishing for “likes.” As stated before, people never really like or comment on my posts, probably because of either my attitude problem or the fact that I write entire paragraphs (often on disturbing on controversial topics). I never really integrated into the culture of Facebook, I suppose. I used it for things it wasn’t designed to be used for (discussion, posts with more than two sentences, etc.).

4 thoughts on “I deactivated my Facebook again

  1. Facebook was meant to be an entertainment place. But people bring serious things and there is conflict – a lot. Maybe we are missing a place that don’t exists yet, and we need to learn how to use places like Facebook. I can’t get out as you – lucky you, so I deal my own way making a “deconstruction”, I think is my best contribution.

  2. I appreciate that I can stay in contact with friends who are scattered about, but otherwise there is more that I dislike about Facebook than I like about it. I hate talking on the phone because I spend all day talking and listening to people. By the end of the day I am done with human interaction. In that regard I also appreciate Facebook. Having said that, though, it has changed. People used to post more in depth comments. Now it is mostly people sharing other people’s posts. Most people cannot have a respectful, informed debate. I have been seriously disrespected by complete strangers for my stance on matters such as abortion and LGBTQ rights. It is disturbing how easily people can say horrible things to others. In reality Facebook has helped to further disconnect people.

    • I mostly stay in touch with people outside of FB, like on forums, instant messengers, email, etc. so there aren’t a lot of people I only talk to on FB.

      Yeah, it can be useful but it frustrates me more often than I find it useful.

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