It is nice to not look at Facebook much anymore

I still update some pages and the page I made for this blog, but it’s nice to not look at my newsfeed much. For a long time, I was unsure about giving up Facebook because I felt like it was my only window into the rest of humanity, since I don’t talk on telephones, text, or leave the house. It was the only way I communicated with people. But, as stated before, the communication on Facebook was so lacking I figured it didn’t matter much either way, and if Facebook upset me I’d be better off dispensing with human interaction entirely (to the extent that anyone considers using Facebook to be interacting with humans anyway).

It’s nice, though; it is a type of peace and quiet. I remember a cartoon that went around at some point. The first panel was a person saying they wished they could hear other people’s thoughts, and then the second panel was Facebook, and the person then changed their mind about hearing other people’s thoughts. For me, the most irritating part is that Facebook tries to be all things to all people, and then everyone ends up using it for a different purpose. One person blocks anyone who talks about religion and politics, another only uses FB to talk about religion and politics, etc.

Having a blog again is nice because it means that I, too, have to think about what I’m posting and make one or two posts in a day, rather than how things are on Facebook, where it’s fairly normal to post twenty things a day that no one sees or cares about. Better to post one or two things no one reads or cares about here, because at least this space belongs to me. I figure my ego may be too large to post things on Facebook where they’re just going to disappear and no one is going to read them.

This past several months, FB has been disturbing to the point of being nightmarish due to the mania. I feel better already, though. I also have more time to do productive things. The problem before is that, since I work from home, I needed something to do in the downtime so I would end up on Facebook. Now I realize there are probably better ways to spend my time.

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