Left the house today

Managed to leave the house socially for the first time in .. I dunno… maybe the first time this entire year. It was really nice to hang out with two friends I’ve known since high school or earlier, they are now dating each other and have moved into a new house. We talked a lot, drank a lot, smoked an entire pack of Marlboros in >12 hours (I only smoke blu e-cigs and not real cigs anymore, so that is uncharacteristic). I thought my bad habits were finally catching up to me a while ago, tired and shaky and headache, but then I realized it was just low blood sugar and could be correctly easily with a bit of candy or sugary beverages.

Because discussion of mental illness tends to eventually lead to discussion of sex, the one asked me to clarify what my sexual orientation actually is. I think the only constant is that while in a depressive episode, I don’t think I have one; and while manic, it changes every five minutes and I’m not sure it’s actually relevant anyways since various issues prevent me from actually acting on it. I answered the question anyway, because it’s easy to understand why people might have no idea and/or be confused about what my orientation might be. They kept offering food despite the fact I had been telling them I’m having huge troubles eating most food. I ended up eating a bit of garlic bread.

Other than that, I have not taken any recreational drugs at all today. Whoo. I also ate a whole grilled chicken breast and half a yogurt today.

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