More rambling about Facebook

After not having made a post since my flouncepost, I already feel a bit better. I am checking messages but not making a huge effort to look at my newsfeed. Just because other people either like Facebook or don’t want to use other means of contacting people is not my problem anymore. It’s not a good enough reason for me to stay there, because I find it to be a very unwelcoming place. I’ve been complaining about Facebook since I first made an account ten years ago, but every time I’ve deactivated my account there, people pitch a fit and act like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet. This upsets me because Facebook is not the entire internet, it’s just the part of the internet I hate the most. It also confuses me because, when I deactivate, people don’t go to my (many!) websites or use my email, they just bother my other friends to find out “what has happened” to me (as if leaving Facebook means you’ve died). As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t give a shit about me enough to email me or contact me in another way, then you don’t give much of a shit about me, so it doesn’t bother me to not be in contact with you. Writing an email isn’t all that hard.

I also find it amusing when people get pissed off because you don’t respond to a message immediately. One person unfriended me because I didn’t respond to his message for a few hours. Not everyone checks their messages every five minutes. Sometimes I don’t even check them or reply to them once a day, much less multiple times in a day.

I don’t think it’s just that Facebook has made people lazy in communicating though; I think it’s also that people seem to have forgotten that there are other ways to communicate with people. People also seem to have difficulty understanding why anyone wouldn’t want to be on Facebook. I’ve detailed my reasons elsewhere, so I won’t do it again here. But I could summarize by saying that (1) you never know if people are going to see anything you post due to the FB algorithms, and (2) it’s chaotic and that messes with my head.

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