People who say suicide is cowardly

I’d like to extend a sincere “fuck you” to everyone who posts shit calling suicidal people “cowards,” saying they’re “taking the easy way out,” or that it “doesn’t end the pain, it just gives it to someone else.” [Last one is the actual meme I just saw that inspired this post.] When Robin Williams died, Henry Rollins posted an assholish rant somewhere and that pissed me off immensely also, along with all the people who commented in agreement with it.

You don’t get to judge a suicidal person’s pain and decide your imaginary right to not grieve is more important than whatever they’re going through. This type of shit just strikes me as selfish as fuck, like you’re willing to let your loved ones suffer whatever just because you don’t want them to hurt you. There is no guarantee in life that you’ll never get hurt, and I doubt any suicidal people are going around thinking “gee, I’d sure love to hurt everyone that loves me!” No, they are thinking that they can’t deal with continuing to live. I agree with promoting and sharing things like suicide hotlines, but I cannot, CANNOT deal with the idea of suicidal people just “taking the easy way out” or being “cowards.” If you think that, I imagine you’ve never had a suicidal thought in your life or that you are severely lacking in empathy or you wouldn’t say such assholish things.

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