Responding to a post discussing “bipolar myths”

In response to this post:

Myth #1: Mania is the “good part” of bipolar disorder.

I can see why that’s a myth, but sometimes it is. Last August I was fucking elated for about a week for no reason at all. But usually I feel pretty awful, yeah.

Myth #3: Everyone with bipolar is violent.

Word. I am probably the most nonviolent person I have ever met. Toward living things, anyway; I beat the fuck out of inanimate objects sometimes.

Myth #5: People with bipolar disorder cannot maintain healthy relationships.

Some can, some can’t. I think the evidence points toward me being one of the people who aren’t able to, though, but I understand why other people would dislike this idea.

Myth #9: People with bipolar disorder are just being dramatic.

I have been accused of this one pretty much since childhood.

Myth #11: When you start taking medication for bipolar disorder, you’re “cured.”

Hahahaha. No. Meds have never have any positive effect on me.

Myth #12: People with bipolar disorder can’t be successful.

I’m sure plenty of people can, but I am still struggling with attempting to have any sort of success in life, and I am not very hopeful about it.

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