The pope is at it again

I’ve been through this shit before, but once again with the “no true Scotsman” fallacy: the PR Pope’s latest soundbyte is that Donald Trump isn’t a Christian. I disagree because I define “christian” as “follower of Christianity,” not “nice person” or “person I like that I want to be associated with.” Adolf Hitler was a Christian. So was Fred Phelps. So is Donald Trump, if he claims he is. Because if you don’t acknowledge that, then you’re saying you can void anyone’s religious affiliation just because you don’t like them as a person or you don’t like their actions/words. This is bullshit also because all religious people cherry pick their texts. You can’t do otherwise, because the texts contradict themselves. Otherwise the definition of “Christian” depends on the speaker. If it’s a Protestant, then it doesn’t include Catholics, and so on. As a non-Christian, I see no alternative to defining “Christian” as [self-identified] follower of Christianity, and I find it absurd that anyone could even disagree with that.
At some point last fall, I had to unfollow several Facebook pages because they did nothing but post about the pope, and I had developed a massive psychotic hatred of both him and the Catholic Church. Not like a normal, rational hatred of the pope, but I mean I lost my fucking mind if I saw a photo of him on my newsfeed. I nearly left Facebook because I couldn’t avoid all the pope-fellating and it was bad for my blood pressure. This rarely happens, getting angry over something like this, but when it does happen, it’s always something to do with religion.

Edited to add that I just saw another meme, this time saying something about people “realizing that a socialist Jew is the most Christian candidate” running for president. There is so much wrong with this. For the last time, “Christian” doesn’t mean “good person;” it means “follower of Christianity.” Bernie Sanders is Jewish, and regardless of how religious he is or is not, he certainly is not a follower of Christianity or a member of the Christian religion. What a shitty thing to say, as if a Jewish person can’t be a good person unless someone erroneously calls them a Christian to elevate them from their Jewishness.